Pharmacy News: American Pharmacist Month

Pharmacy Owners — October is American Pharmacist Month.

phrmonth10Read on to learn how to take this opportunity to celebrate your profession, your staff and your dedication to your customers!

This year’s theme, as seen on is – KNOW YOUR PHARMACIST, KNOW YOUR MEDICINE.

advertise-hereReach out to your customers by hosting a “Brown Bag”review, where customers can bring in both their prescription and nonprescription drugs into the store for a personal consultation with your pharmacists—all in an effort to ensure customers are taking medications safely and properly (in conjunction with other medicines).   This promotion illustrates to your customers that their health is important to you and your pharmacy. And it’s an excellent time to emphasize good health and wellness.

Advertise the event by:

  • Advertising in your local paper
  • Contact your local paper to see if they will run a FREE special article on the event
  • Create a flyer to use as bag stuffers, distribute at local community centers, and doctor’s offices
  • Ask your local radio station to read a Public Service announcement announcing the event
  • Announce Event on your Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

During the event:

  • Decorate your pharmacy highlighting Pharmacist Month
  • Have goody bags for customers to take with them that include an informational brochure about what your pharmacy has to offer, as well as other educational materials.
  • Stress the role that you, as the pharmacist can play to ensure that they are using their medicines as safely and effectively as possible

Other ideas to help celebrate YOUR month:

  • Hold a flu shot clinic
  • Blood pressure clinic
  • Osteoporosis screenings

This is your time to shine, use one of the ideas above, or come up with something on your own and HAVE FUN!