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Pharmacy News: The Election and Healthcare

ballot_box1_EV0PWith an election year coming up, a lot of things could change; especially in the pharmacy world.

When I talk to my clients about this, mainly those who are thinking about not re-validating their DME Accreditation, I tell them they should really think before writing that letter to take the exemption.


  1. We DON’T know what the future may hold for pharmacy owners. The healthcare bill could be repealed, taking the exemption option off the table.
  2. The hard work is already done! Yes, I understand there is a fee involved in re-validating, but look back to #1, if healthcare is repealed then you will not only have the fee to pay, but will have to redo all the work.
  3.  Exemption (and I have talked about this before, a few times actually) does not apply to third party insurers and state Medicaid programs who, following an industry trend, are requiring suppliers to obtain accreditation in order to bill. Many of these plans, including Security Blue in PA, HEALTHFirst in MD and more, currently require accreditation.

So, be compliantbe accredited, and be connected, so you are always be ahead of any changes that could happen.