Pharmacy News: Mail Order and Blood Glucose Testing Supplies

mailboxAre you confused about what is considered  Mail-Order for glucose testing supplies for the 2013 Competitive Bidding?

Let’s see if I can sort through it with you.

When it comes to Blood Glucose Testing Supplies, Medicare considers mail order to be “any items shipped or delivered to the beneficiary’s home, regardless of the method of delivery.” This includes delivering to your patient’s home with your own vehicle.

So, what that means is with National Competitive Bidding for Blood Glucose Testing Supplies starting in 2013, pharmacies will no longer be able to deliver Blood Glucose Testing Supplies unless they are selected as a Mail Order Competitive Bidding Winner for Blood Glucose Testing Supplies.

Of course, many Pharmacy Organizations are asking Medicare to change the delivery rule, but as of July 2012, Medicare is still maintaining that all methods of delivery to the beneficiary’s home is considered “mail-order”.