Pharmacy News: Medicare Enrollment Revalidation

r252188_1038084medicare1Pharmacies have lost their Medicare numbers because they didn’t revalidate their enrollment when notified.

Don’t Let It Happen to You!

Recently, a few pharmacies have come to my company asking for help because they did not revalidate their Medicare enrollment when the National Supplier Clearinghouse sent them a Revalidation Letter. As a result, their Medicare numbers were revoked.

You may remember from my October 28, 2011 blog posting that all pharmacies with Medicare provider numbers are going to have to re-enroll, or re-validate, their provider information within the next two years. Recently, CMS extended this revalidation period to 2015.

The pharmacies asking for help, claim that they did not receive their revalidation notification.

Be sure you haven’t missed this important communication from the NSC before it is too late. CMS has published all of the facilities to whom they’ve sent Revalidation Letters. Go to:

You can search the list to see if your facility is on it.

If you don’t file your re-enrollment documents correctly, completely, and on time, there’s not much you can do to speed up your reinstatement. If you can prove that your number was revoked in error, and you’ve appealed unsuccessfully to the NSC, you might ask your member of Congress to intervene.

Harry Lattanzio | PleaseNoteDon’t be confused by the word “revalidation.” Accredited pharmacies need to revalidate their DMEPOS Accreditation before it expires. This is entirely separate from the necessity forall Medicare suppliers to revalidate their enrollment when CMS tells them to.