Pharmacy News: Poison Prevention Week

Poison week

What are you doing at your pharmacy to bring awareness to your customers and community?

Since Poison Prevention is such a major concern to your customers, especially those with small children, it makes sense to celebrate National Poison Prevention Week. During this promotion, you can educate your customers about preventing poison incidents while making your pharmacy more visible within your community.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Poison_bottle1. Have Patient Handouts available on Poison Awareness. Your State Association may have free flyers and handouts available on their website or links to where you can download them.

2.Put up an Easel with “(Pharmacist’s Name) Health Tips”.  Change it a few times during the week. You can find tips at the American Association of Poison Prevention Website.

3. Visit local elementary schools to speak about Medication Safety to the children. There are existing programs like Katy’s Kids that can help you prepare.

4. Have Mr. Yuk stickers available, along with an instruction sheet on the proper way to utilize them. You can get Mr. Yuk information, here.

Remember, by providing the community with this vitally important information about Poison Prevention, your pharmacy can position itself as a community leader and resource for not only this, but other health related topics as well, bringing more customers to your pharmacy.

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