FDA Issues Warning Letter to Dug Distributor McKesson for Allegedly Shipping ‘illegitimate’ Opioid Products

The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it has sent a warning letter to drug distributor McKessson for allegedly shipping “illegitimate” opioid products and failing to properly handle and investigate the incidents. Specifically, the FDA is accusing McKesson of failing to identify, quarantine and investigate drug shipments that had been tampered with. Some of the bad shipments were discovered at three Rite Aid pharmacies in Michigan. This is the first time the FDA has issued a warning letter under the…

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Independent Pharmacy Profits: How to Maximize and Increase Your Front-End Profits

Pharmacies, just like any other small or medium sized business, have numerous challenges that make operating in the black difficult at times.  Decreasing reimbursements, competition from chains and ever increasing costs of goods are just a few examples of factors that are negatively impacting Independent Pharmacy profits, and while each Pharmacy is unique, there are some common Pharmacy business best practices for increasing front-end profits and helping improve your operations overall. Plus the changes you make to improve non-prescription profits…

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