HIPAA Cautionary Tales

Knowing what is happening in the world of HIPAA “mistakes” can be beneficial to you as a pharmacy owner.
HHS press releases tell the following stories:
Mobile devices, full of unencrypted records, are being stolen. A USB drive was taken from the car of an Alaska Department of Health and Social Services


HIPAA Compliance: You’ve Got to Be More Careful

Are you taking your pharmacy’s  HIPAA Compliance seriously?
I’m sure you’ve heard about the million-dollar settlements that Rite Aid and CVS paid for HIPAA violations. Here’s a January 2, 2013 headline you may have missed: HHS announces first HIPAA breach settlement involving less than 500 patients. The Hospice of North Idaho

Pharmacy Compliance shouldn't be a nightmare

Pharmacy Compliance regulations are all around us. And, just when you’re sure you’ve addressed every requirement and best practice suggestion in your pharmacy operations, some government entity or state pharmacy board changes the rules a little bit.

It can be overwhelming, but myself and my Director of Compliance wrote an article

compliance puzzle

Compliance and Your Pharmacy

It’s not news that compliance issues are among the biggest worries a pharmacy owner faces today.
With the scheduling of more and more government auditing, it is even more important to be organized and compliant with Fraud, Waste and Abuse, HIPAA, Quality Assurance, and Pseudoephedrine regulations. You must document your monthly

Poison week

Pharmacy News: Poison Prevention Week

What are you doing at your pharmacy to bring awareness to your customers and community?

Since Poison Prevention is such a major concern to your customers, especially those with small children, it makes sense to celebrate National Poison Prevention Week. During this promotion, you can educate your customers about preventing poison


Pharmacy News: Medicare Re-Enrollment

Pharmacy Owners: Did you know that within the next 2 years you will be required to re-enroll with Medicare?
Read on to see how this will affect your pharmacy.
Between now and March 2013, your MAC will be sending you a revalidation request, so watch the mail for your notification!

When you receive the