Pharmacy News: Medicare Enrollment Revalidation

Pharmacies have lost their Medicare numbers because they didn’t revalidate their enrollment when notified.
Don’t Let It Happen to You!
Recently, a few pharmacies have come to my company asking for help because they did not revalidate their Medicare enrollment when the National Supplier Clearinghouse sent them a Revalidation Letter. As a result, their Medicare numbers


Pharmacy News: HIPAA Compliance Can No Longer Be Ignored.

Can you believe that it has been almost a decade since the HIPAA laws were put into effect?
And like many pharmacy owners, has your HIPAA Policy and Procedure manual  sat on your book shelf and collected dust?
Well things are changing, and NOW is the time to make sure you have


Pharmacy News: NSC Site Visit vs Accreditation Survey

Do you know the difference between an NSC Site Visit and an Accreditation Survey?
As a Medicare Part B Supplier you will go through periodic onsite surveys by the National Supplier Clearinghouse and your Accreditation Organization. These two types of surveys are separate and distinct from one another and not allowing either to take


Pharmacy News: Mail Order and Blood Glucose Testing Supplies

Are you confused about what is considered  Mail-Order for glucose testing supplies for the 2013 Competitive Bidding?
Let’s see if I can sort through it with you.

When it comes to Blood Glucose Testing Supplies, Medicare considers mail order to be “any items shipped or delivered to the beneficiary’s home, regardless of the


Pharmacy News: The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for Your Exemption from DMEPOS Accreditation.
The Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in favor of the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.  While there is much I could say about the entire law, I am not here to give my political views. Let me


Pharmacy News: The Election and Healthcare

With an election year coming up, a lot of things could change; especially in the pharmacy world.
When I talk to my clients about this, mainly those who are thinking about not re-validating their DME Accreditation, I tell them they should really think before writing that letter to take the exemption.




Pharmacy News: DME Accreditation Exemption

What do the chains know about DME Accreditation and the Exemption that you don’t?
Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, CVS, Kroger’s, Safeway, Publix and a host of others have already said NO to taking the DME accreditation exemption offered by CMS, which would have saved them millions of dollars.
Why would they do that?
The answer is


Pharmacy News: How important is DME Accreditation?

How important is DME Accreditation to independent pharmacy owners?
It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time for renew your DME Accreditation. It may seem a bit early, but per CMS, your Accrediting Organization needs your application around six months prior to your expiration date to ensure you can be surveyed


Pharmacy News: Medicare Audits Are On the Rise

In recent Medicare Audits, over 80% of glucose testing supplies and nearly 70% of nebulizer and nebulizer solutions claims were denied.  This resulted in BILLIONS of dollars being recouped from Medicare Suppliers and providers.
As a Pharmacy Owner, are you prepared if an Auditor comes to your door?
When working with clients, I let them know