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Jacksboro, TX – Pharmacy Owners • Kaylyn & Renee

“We would like to give a big thank you to Debra, Scott, and don’t forget John! The transition from thinking about buying a pharmacy to signing the check can be overwhelming. This team lead us on a path of ownership, even when we wanted to throw our hands up. We are so grateful for the transitional help from PRS. Step by step task and check list, weekly meetings, and words of encouragement are a few of the things offered. This team is knowledge in all  aspects of making the deal happen, from valuation to contracting under your name. Thank you again.”

Waycross, GA – Pharmacy Owner • Hetal

“It was a pleasure working with Scott and Deb. They were very knowledgeable and supportive during the whole process. Responded quickly to any questions I had. Definitely decreased my stress level while opening up an independent from scratch and would highly recommend them!

New Holland, PA – Pharmacy Owner • Michelle

“Thank you so very much for assisting us with our staffing needs. We would like to personally, thank you, Mike and Katie for helping us. Your pharmacists are so professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Our team enjoyed working with them. We will keep in touch for vacation coverage, in the future. We have secured a new full time pharmacist. I always enjoyed comparing notes and asking Mike for his pharmacy opinions.

Pittsburgh, PA – Pharmacy Owner • Laura

“PRS was instrumental in the setup of our pharmacy in Pennsylvania. They took an extremely daunting task and made it understandable, manageable and attainable.

It was a pleasure working with Scott Weaver and Debra Hoburg whose knowledge and attention to detail was outstanding. They walked us through every step ensuring that we followed all state and federal laws as well as just good pharmacy practice. Their expertise led me to be worry free on the day of inspection. I knew we were going to pass, and we did!

They’ve also made themselves available after the inspection. I still reach out with a question occasionally and they are only too happy to help.

If you are planning on opening a pharmacy, I highly recommend PRS to guide you.

Philadelphia, PA – Pharmacy Owner • Eric A

During our pharmacy acquisition, PRS was a valued partner. Scott and Deb were always available to assist with the transition and answer any questions along the way. They provided a level of confidence knowing we had a partner who was experienced with State/Federal laws, rules, and regulations in regards to the acquisition of our pharmacy.

Tapai, Taiwan – Pharmacy Owner • Dr. Fong

“We wanted to modernize (Americanize) our Pharmacy chain so I had our contacts in the United States search out possible options. After they met with PRS we knew the search was over. PRS came here to meet with my top staff, visited store locations and devised an action plan for us. We have implemented their suggestions with great success and I could not be happier with the results.”

Pittsburgh, PA – Pharmacist • Shannon

“Because the company (PRS) is Pharmacist owned, I think there is a greater understanding of what Pharmacists go through in their jobs so they make efforts to make things as helpful as possible.”

Chickasha, OK – Pharmacist • Leann V.

“PRS has been a great addition to our team and provides a valuable resource for our business.”

Huntington, PA – Pharmacist • Thomas M.

“PRS works hard and is very committed to find positions and are always willing to work with me to cover unexpected changes even when a schedule has been set.”

Denver, CO – Compliance Customer • Sharron

“Use PRS’s programs for all my compliance and I love it.  Very user friendly and I definitely need that.”

Milwaukee, WI – Pharmacist • Jake

“I had two major insurance audits, and both auditors asked me about my compliance programs.  When I told them “we are with PRS”, both auditors said, “Oh, then you are OK”.   Neither needed to check my P&P’s since they had seen PRS’s programs before at other Pharmacies and they knew we were compliant.  Very cool!”

Riverview, FL – Pharmacist • Karen

“I recently had a Catarman audit. The auditor asked for the misfill information and saw the PRS program. The auditor mentioned how good the PRS program is, how updates were prompted and everything was kept current (they had seen it in many other locations). I showed the auditor the misfill procedures and the audit was over in ten minutes.”

Richland, WA – Pharmacist • Tim

“As a NASI and HIPAA member, the manual was very easy to follow.  It contained everything we needed for accreditation, as well as improving our business practices.  Our Specialist, Barb, was great to work with.  She treated every question with utmost importance.  I was very pleased with the entire process.”

George Town, Cayman Islands – Pharmacy Owner • Charles K.

“In trying to keep our supermarket image very “western” to attract both locals and tourists we kept up with trends in the U.S. One of those we wished to explore was adding a Pharmacy but we had zero experience in the area. Then I heard PRS speak at a FMI conference about supermarket Pharmacies and set up a meeting with them. After several discussions, we decided to go with their complete Turn-Key Pharmacy Ownership Program. They literally did everything; layout, design prints, licensing, recruiting Pharmacists from the U.S., setting up international supply chains, computer system, specialty equipment, pricing and more. They had staff on the island on and off for several months working the details. They then taught our staff and the new Pharmacists what they needed to know to run and market a successful Pharmacy. These guys know their stuff.”

Prairie Du Sac, WI – Pharmacy Owner • Dennis

“I couldn’t have opened my Pharmacy without the assistance of PRS’s Team. Their attention to detail in all aspects of the process, from layout and design to getting all of the third parties enrolled was superb. The site evaluation they did prior to starting had Gross Profit projections for the first 24 months my store was open. They were right on target and there was plenty of other accurate information provided with my Site Evaluation!”

Elk Rapids, MI – Pharmacy Manager • Wes

“I have been with the PRS Family since 2009 as a NASI accreditation customer. The program was very detailed and I received my accreditation in a timely manner, with the assistance of my Accreditation Specialist, Ann. So, in 2013 when I needed to update my HIPAA Program, PRS was automatically my first choice, and again I have not been disappointed with the attention to detail of the program.”

Abington, VA – President / CEO • Steve S.

“When we called PRS, the only thing I knew about Pharmacies was that’s where I got prescriptions filled. Now, we have over fifty Pharmacy locations in our supermarkets and it all started with PRS.  They worked hand in hand with our staff to open the first fifteen Pharmacies, which they selected and rated for us after evaluating every location for potential success. It was impressive how accurate their projections were. Anyway, we let them handle everything while teaching us along the way. If there were problems, and there were, they took responsibility whether it was their fault or not, found a solution and fixed it. Tim and Scott were true professionals. Besides being nice guys, they were good sports who could take a ribbing and give it right back.”

Los Angeles, CA – NASI and HIPAATrack Customer • Parva

“I have been a PRS/NASI facility since 2008.  I am very happy with both the accreditation services through NASI and the HIPAATrack program I purchased through PRS in 2013.”

Alexandria, VA – VP of Strategic Initiatives / National Community Pharmacists Association • Bill P.

“PRS is one of our closest industry partners and we often call upon them to assist members with problems on a wide variety of topics. We consistently recommend and promote their services and products to our 23,000 members as best in class. Their ComplianceTrack program is so innovative that it has changed the way Pharmacies handle compliance. And if you are thinking of owning a store, their Ownership Program is outstanding and covers even the smallest of details. It’s so good that PRS staff has been speaking at the NCPA Ownership Workshops for years. You should consider them an option to assist with any Pharmacy related issues you may have.”

New Alexandria, PA – Pharmacist • Ted

“I was so frustrated trying to figure out the process of selling my store to a couple of young guys that I was ready to just close the store. Luckily, someone told us about PRS. After one sit down meeting with PRS, both the buyers and myself felt 100% confident we could complete the deal. PRS guided us every step of the way and I can truly say that without them there would not have been a sale.”

Laguna Niguel, CA – CEO / Federation of Pharmacy Networks • Carol C.

“Our organization represents over 13,000 independent Pharmacies and we have exclusive agreements with PRS to provide members with compliance, accreditation, ownership and long-term care programs, to name a few. If a new problem is affecting members we turn to PRS first for a solution. They have not let us down yet. Their programs always provide the simplest, most cost effective, total solution to comply or deal with a problem. And I love that they have Pharmacists and owners on staff and actually operate company owned “test” Pharmacies (retail and LTC) to try out solutions. They truly know what our members deal with on a daily basis.”

Stockton, CA – Senior VP • Dennis

“We needed professional help buying a small chain of Pharmacies located within our supermarkets and then operating them afterwards.  Then, we wanted to add new Pharmacies to many of our other 130 store locations.  After evaluating several companies and options, we choose PRS, even though they were more expensive up front.  Definitely a good choice for us; their sound advice saved us many times what we paid them and prevented some terrible and very costly mistakes.  PRS staff was always available, often right on site, to advise and direct us every step of the way through the acquisition process.  They worked with each department in our company that would have anything to do with Pharmacy; training employees on pharmacy responsibilities and setting up Pharmacy best practices for HR, accounting, legal, regulatory, IT and purchasing. They provided all the required regulatory programs, policies and procedure manuals, employee manuals and then implemented the programs and trained the Pharmacy staff at each store while teaching our staff how to train future employees. There was even a complete program on how to market our Pharmacies with camera ready art work (templates) and wording for ads, radio spots, flyers, etc. along with implementation instructions for each. The marketing program really highlighted our nutritional advantages.  We then opened an additional ten Pharmacies with PRS slowly transferring more and more responsibilities to our staff.  They even conducted site evaluations and advised us on which ten stores to open first and in what order so the newly formed Pharmacy department could have some fast success.  And they did. There evaluations were right on target.  PRS got us off to a great start in Pharmacy and we plan on keeping them on as advisors, just to make sure our success continues. If we have any future problems or issues, PRS will be our first call.”

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia – International Services Customer • David

“There was a big problem with counterfeit drugs entering our country’s (Republic of Georgia) supply chain. Our wholesale distribution business in Tbilisi wanted a trusted supplier for FDA approved drugs for our wholesale customers and company owned Pharmacies. They sourced the drugs, worked with U.S. suppliers and helped us to get the information and assisted in preparing the paperwork necessary to register the drugs with Georgian authorities for import. Then PRS designed an ordering site that followed FDA pedigree rules and arranged all exporting details for us. We now have over 70 drugs registered for import and our customers have shown their approval since many are now among our top sellers. We plan on expanding into OTC and vitamins next and PRS has been helping to modernize our locations.”

New Jersey – Pharmacist • Steve

“We just had our first Catamaran Compliance audit this week, and your programs were a life saver.  Not sure how we would have been able to generate the documentation (and training) without a program like yours.  It was nice to be able to respond to each question by flipping to the page in the notebook I created and handing over the policy/procedure. The most painless audit we may have ever had.”

Downs, KS – Pharmacy Owner • Shawna

“Thank you for all the work helping with the ownership transition of my pharmacy. You worked with me to make sure things were done in the right order and helped smooth the transition process.”

Maryland – Pharmacy Owner • Julya

“Mr. Weaver is superb! We are so thankful to have been introduced to him through NCPA . He is an expert in his field and his information is vital to pharmacy owners. His knowledge on regulatory compliance is crucial for a pharmacy to be successful in this fast growing field. We look forward to working with Mr. Weaver on future pharmacy operations.”

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