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USP <800> | The Independent Pharmacist’s Guide – Part 1: What Is USP <800>?

What is USP 800? What is USP 800? If you own or manage a pharmacy, you’ve probably heard about the USP 800, the newest chapter issued by the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention. Although USP guidelines typically apply to compounding pharmacies and drug manufacturers, the USP 800 guidelines apply to any facility which handles hazardous drugs; so if you own or operate a pharmacy, these rules apply to you. In this blog series, we will be conducting a brief review of

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FDA Issues Warning Letter to McKesson for Shipping ‘illegitimate’ Opiates

The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday it has sent a warning letter to drug distributor McKessson for allegedly shipping “illegitimate” opioid products and failing to properly handle and investigate the incidents. Specifically, the FDA is accusing McKesson of failing to identify, quarantine and investigate drug shipments that had been tampered with. Some of the bad shipments were discovered at three Rite Aid pharmacies in Michigan. This is the first time the FDA has issued a warning letter under the

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The Unsung Role of the Pharmacist in Patient Health

Are people relying too much on the traditional doctor/patient interaction? We know many people end up with a risky pileup of prescribed medications. Many efforts have been made, with varied success, to correct this problem. Yet we’ve usually focused on physician behavior, when there’s another powerful lever: pharmacists. They not only provide prescription drugs and refills but also play an important role in several aspects of healthcare, which is why pharmacists are so needed. Moreover, they come into closer and more frequent physical

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Why Choose Independents Over Chains

4 Reasons to Support Independent Pharmacies We know there is a need to continue to support small independently owned businesses. Did you know that for every $100 you spend at a locally owned and operated business almost $96 goes back into the local economy? Aside from the obvious financial reasons to back support a small independent business, when we are talking about an independent community pharmacy, the stakes are even higher. The reasons why an independent is better than a

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U.S. based United Investment Healthcare Group signs agreement on trust management of Uzbekistan’s Dori-Darmon

The State Assets Management Center under the State Committee of Uzbekistan on Assistance to Privatized Enterprises and Development of Competition and the American company United Investment Healthcare Group signed an agreement on the transfer of the Dori-Darmon pharmaceutical company to trust management for a period of five years. The document sets the legal basis for the new development strategy of the national pharmaceutical company Dori-Darmon to introduce modern management methods, exclusive information technologies, as well as an effective system for

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Medicare Compliance for Refills

Are you Billing Medicare Part B for Blood Glucose Testing Supplies and other items that are refilled on a recurring basis? If you are, Medicare has some new rules and clarifications for some older ones. These apply to ALL suppliers, whether accredited or not. Contact between the Supplier and Beneficiary The new Medicare compliance for refills mandates that pharmacies are required to contact the beneficiary or designee regarding refills prior to providing the refills and must not automatically dispense the

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Medicare Audits Are On the Rise

In recent Medicare Audits, over 80% of glucose testing supplies and nearly 70% of nebulizer and nebulizer solutions claims were denied.  This resulted in BILLIONS of dollars being recouped from Medicare suppliers and providers. Purpose of Medicare Audits & What to Expect Before you start preparing for a Medicare audit, it’s important to understand its primary rationale so you clearly know what to expect. When an auditor pays you a visit, keep in mind that they have a two-fold purpose: checking that your

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