Designed by Pharmacists for Pharmacy Owners

Pharmacies must comply with an increasing number of regulations from various state and federal agencies. Both the frequency of audits and the fine amounts for non-compliance are increasing. COMPLIANCETrack relieves the overwhelming stress caused by the time and effort lost to setting up policies, procedures and training programs to comply with those regulations as well as keeping track of any legally required changes.

COMPLIANCETrack is the pharmacy industry’s ONLY complete Pharmacy Compliance suite, easily accessed online and always up to date.

Our COMPLIANCETrack platform provides:

  • Policies and Procedures required for Pharmacy Compliance
  • Online employee training and tracking
  • Easy employee information population into all programs
  • Identical program formatting for an easy learning curve
  • A step-by-step action plan to implement the program and meet the standards
  • Automatic updates as laws change
  • Industry-leading customer service with a dedicated team of Pharmacy Compliance Specialists as your primary contacts

Designed to make compliance, risk management and government audits easier, less costly, and much more efficient, COMPLIANCETrack gives you peace of mind you need as a busy pharmacy owner.

Thousands of pharmacies across the U.S. rely on PRS for their total pharmacy compliance coverage. Coupled with the help from our award-winning PRS Pharmacy Compliance support team, you’ll have 100% compliance coverage, GUARANTEED!

COMPLIANCETrack allows you to have multiple pharmacy locations* in one easy-to-manage account, while still allowing the Pharmacist-in-Charge (or other individuals with Compliance Responsibilities) to have access to information relevant to just their location.

*Additional site purchases required.

The COMPLIANCETrack Suite includes:

HIPAATrack is a web-based program that is the simplest, most cost effective way to comply with the most recent changes to HIPAA Compliance Rules, enforceable as of September 23, 2013.

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All pharmacies are required to put a Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Program in place and PRS Pharmacy Services developed FWATrack to meet their needs. PRS has continually updated the program, and now, as a web-based, integral part of COMPLIANCETrack, with many enhancements and bonus features, it is easier than ever.

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EXCLUSIONTrack automatically performs monthly checks of employees, vendors and prescribers against the GSA and OIG exclusion lists. You will be notified via email when the results are available for you to view in our cloud-based portal system.

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This customizable program allows you to track expiration and renewal dates in one, online location and will notify you of facility or employee licenses and certifications expiration dates with plenty of time to renew.

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PSETrack is an on-line program that gives you the tools you need to track the sale of pseudoephedrine and related chemicals found in common, over-the-counter medicines.

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The COMPLIANCETrack Deluxe Suite includes everything above PLUS:

All Medicare Part D plans require pharmacies to have a quality assurance (QA) program. The majority of state pharmacy boards requires your pharmacy manager or pharmacist-in-charge to maintain your QA program. And, many third party insurances insist you have a QA program. QATrack is a complete web-based program that assures your pharmacy meets the requirements of all your payors. QATrack is customized for those states that have specific requirements.

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Since 2009, OSHA has been working to update its Hazard Communication Standard, and the first set of changes went into effect on December 1, 2013 when all employees need to be trained on the new label and safety data sheet requirements on hazardous chemicals. OSHATrack will bring you up to date on the new Hazard Communication Standard and keep you informed as the Standard is implemented over the next few years.

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Keep your pharmacy staff working smoothly and effectively with EMPLOYEETrack, PRS’s On-line Pharmacy Employee Handbook. This program helps you to organize your pharmacy operations and establish clear communication between you and your staff.

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The US Citizenship and Immigration Services require all employers to retain a completed I-9 form for each employee. This program gives you the rules and the tools for collecting, documenting, destroying (when appropriate), and auditing these I-9 forms.

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There are federal and state-specific rules you and your pharmacy techs must follow. TECHTrack gives you the policies and procedures to ensure your pharmacy has an adequate ratio of pharmacists to technician, your techs are licensed, and they understand which tasks they can and cannot perform.

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DRUGSUPPLYTrack is a program that will assist pharmacies to comply with the Dispenser requirements of the Drug Supply Chain and Safety Act Section within the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013.

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The Non-discrimination Program provides written processes, associated documentation and related employee training for the requirements set forth in Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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The PRS Pharmacy Operations Manual is a collection of state and federal good business practices to help your pharmacy operation run more smoothly.

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Available for individual purchase:

IMMUTrack is an on-line program designed to walk you through the process of setting up an efficient, effective and safe immunization program in your pharmacy.

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The MEDBTrack Program is designed to help Pharmacies who are exempting from the Medicare DMEPOS Accreditation requirements and also those that are only billing Medicare Part B for Drugs and Biologicals.

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Having an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) Program in place is necessary and may help prevent an incident and/or mitigate any healthcare costs and fines an employer may be forced to pay when there is an exposure incident.

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