Included in both Deluxe and Essentials COMPLIANCETrack Packages.

In 2010, the CVS pharmacy chain acknowledged that it violated the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 by selling excessive pseudoephedrine to criminals manufacturing methamphetamine. CVS paid a $75 million fine and forfeited $2.6 million in profits.

PSETrack is an online program that gives you the tools to:

  • Track the sale of pseudoephedrine and related chemicals found in common, over-the-counter medicines.
  • Help the Drug Enforcement Agency staunch the flood of methamphetamine production and trafficking.
  • Eliminate any risk of civil or criminal penalties.

What it includes:

  • Online policy and procedures
  • Online training and tracking of the training
  • State specific quantities, age limits, and seller requirements
  • Meets Federal and State requirements
  • Physical Logbook for states without proprietary or contracted databases (and to be used when databases are down—if permitted by law)

** Additional logbooks may be purchased: Click here to order now


COMPLIANCETrack allows you to have multiple pharmacy locations* in one easy-to-manage account, while still allowing the Pharmacist-in-Charge (or other individuals with Compliance Responsibilities) to have access to information relevant to just their location. *Additional site purchases required.