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Significant changes are coming to the DRUG SUPPLY CHAIN SECURITY ACT (DSCSA) on 11/27/2023.

To meet the upcoming DSCSA changes, PRS has partnered with an industry-leading DSCSA solution provider to ensure you have the tools available to comply with the Enhanced Drug Distribution Security (EDDS) requirements of the DSCSA that become effective on 11/27/2023. Our solution will allow you to comply with the 11/27/2023 DSCSA requirements quickly and easily, including:

  • Conduct the verification of receipt of the correct unit level package
  • Seamless interoperability with your Wholesalers and other licensed drug suppliers and manufacturers
  • Communicate with trading partners when you have a suspect product
  • Receive alerts when you receive an incorrect, suspect, or illegitimate product
  • Provide the necessary information when you want to return products
  • Respond to FDA and trading partners
  • Notify the FDA
  • And more

For additional information on some of the current DSCSA requirements and the upcoming 11/27/2023 updates,  please read our June 2022 Blog, Drug Supply Chain Security Act in Pharmacy: Today and Tomorrow.

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Pharmacy Drug Supply Compliance:

To combat drug counterfeiting and facilitate drug recalls, Congress passed a federal law creating a national system that allows stakeholders and regulators to trace each drug down to the package level. The serialization and traceability requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (Title II, Drug Quality and Security Act, 2013) will be phased in over the next ten years, but the first set of rules for Pharmacy Drug Supply Compliance are in place now.

The PRS DRUGSUPPLYTrack program tells you how to comply with each new rule as the FDA activates it. This year, pharmacies need to have processes in place for the following:

  • Maintaining transaction data that captures movement of a Pharmaceutical product through the supply chain
  • Obtaining written agreements with third parties
  • Complying with requests for information and investigations
  • Training employees and tracking the training

Need additional information about this program or any other Pharmacy Compliance and Credentialing services or products? Contact our compliance specialists today.  And our specialists can help you even if you are already working with another compliance program.

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