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Pharmacy Exposure Control Plan:

Exposure to blood or other bodily fluids is a real and present concern in many Pharmacies therefore, it is critical to have an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) for the health of your employees and patients. OSHA requires employers to be compliant with the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard when employees have a reasonably anticipated risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious material (OPIM). Having an Exposure Control Plan in place is necessary and may help prevent an incident and/or mitigate any healthcare costs and fines a Pharmacy may be forced to pay when there is an exposure incident.

Here are some of the services Pharmacies provide that could potentially expose employees to blood or other potentially infectious material:

  • Immunizations
  • Clinical testing
  • Patient training on diagnostic equipment (including glucose monitors)
  • Medical Equipment Rental

The PRS Pharmacy Exposure Control Plan Includes the following:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Exposure Control Plan Template
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Incident Report Form
  • Forms for Needle Sticks
  • Annual Sharps Assessments
  • Online trackable Training for your employees

Need additional information about this program or any other Pharmacy Compliance and Credentialing services or products? Contact our compliance specialists today.  And remember, our specialists can help you even if you are already working with another compliance program.

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