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Now Is The Time To Own An Independent Pharmacy!

Independent Pharmacy Ownership is both exciting and rewarding, provided you’ve taken all the proper steps to ensure success; startup capital, licensing agreements, proper location and market research only scratches the surface of preparing to own a Pharmacy. Are you up to the task? Let PRS help you to succeed in a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor.

Are You Ready?

Ask yourself the truly important questions to ensure you’re on the right path with our “Are You Ready” page. Get those questions answered before spending a dime. Here you can gain additional insight into the challenging process of opening your very own Pharmacy.


Open a Startup Pharmacy

Opening a startup Pharmacy is something that many Pharmacists dream of. Our experts will walk you through the entire process, step by step, guiding you toward a successful and profitable Pharmacy, giving you years of satisfaction to come.


Buy a Pharmacy

Do you already have a Pharmacy in mind that you might like to purchase? Maybe you’re looking for an already fully established Pharmacy, a cornerstone of the community which it has served for generations? We will help to find the right Pharmacy for you and ensure you get it at the proper price.


Feasibility Study

Looking to open another Pharmacy location in addition to your current location(s)? Our Feasibility Study will give you everything you need to make an incredibly informed decision based on our proprietary software and research results, giving you the “big picture” you need.


Transfer Consulting

Simple mistakes can cost a new Pharmacy owner thousands of dollars in an instant.  PRS’s Pharmacy Transfer Consulting will cross every t and dot every i, making your transition to Pharmacy Ownership as smooth as possible. You can’t afford to use anyone but the best.  Let the PRS team help you every step of the way.


Health System Clinic Outpatient Pharmacy

Health systems are seeking new revenue streams and new means of building a more complete continuum of care. Owning outpatient retail Pharmacies is one of the best ways to capture prescription volume, help ensure adherence to medication use, improve transition of care processes and reduce potential readmission rates.  Let the experts at PRS help guide you through the process.


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