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HIPAATrack    The Exclusive HIPAA Compliance Program Endorsed By NCPA and The Federation Of Pharmacy Networks.

If the Industry Leaders Trust PRS As Their Exclusive HIPAA Compliance Program….Shouldn’t you?

Did you know…

Not following HIPAA Compliance is like playing Russian roulette with your Pharmacy Business and could result in up to a $1.5 million fine! Yes it’s true.

At its core HIPAA is the access and protection of Protected Health Information (PHI). Unfortunately, most providers are only doing the “minimum” because they think no one really looks at HIPAA.

HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) may be one of the most impactful set of regulations to ever take place in the Pharmacy industry. Now, with the publication of the “FINAL” HIPAA Rules in January 2013, the changes once again profoundly affect Pharmacies and other health care facilities. Pharmacy HIPAA is serious business.

Do I Need To Have A HIPAA Compliance Program In Place?

Yes! Any business in the healthcare industry that interacts with patient information needs to comply with HIPAA requirements. HIPAA Compliance impacts not only your healthcare facility but your vendors as well. Any person or company who has access to patient information outside of your facility, also known as a Business Associates, must also comply with HIPAA requirements.

Our Compliance Specialists would be happy to schedule an appointment to discuss any HIPAA Compliance questions you might have and they can also provide recommendations on and information about Compliance solutions you may already have access to.

The Facts:

  • Pharmacies must take action to replace or revise their existing Pharmacy HIPAA Compliance program.
  • The Office of Civil Rights has been authorized to conduct on-site compliance audits.
  • The big difference is that enforcement will be proactive and no longer just in response to complaints.
  • The OCR has the power to assess non-compliance penalties and/ or exclude non-compliant facilities from programs funded, directly or indirectly, by Federal Healthcare dollars.

PRS’ HIPAATrack provides the simplest, most cost-effective solution to your HIPAA Compliance needs on the market. More Pharmacy Owners trust PRS for HIPAA Compliance than all of our competitors combined; over 6000 independents and small chains.

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HIPAATrack Includes the following features:

  • The On-line HIPAA Compliance Program
  • Up-To-Date Risk Analysis and Management Plan
  • Up-To-Date Disaster Recovery Program
  • Enhanced on-line Employee Training PLUS Tracking
  • Current Policies and Procedures to Meet the “FINAL” HIPAA Rules
  • Task Notification System via Email When:
    • New Tasks Need to Be Completed
    • There Have Been Updates to Policies and Forms
    • Employee Re-Training is Due
  • Monitoring of Important Tasks That Must Initially Be Completed
  • Industry Leading Customer Service

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Compliance Programs

HIPAATrack provides the simplest, most cost effective, total solution to comply with these changes.​
Independent Pharmacy Consultants, independent pharmacy experts, independent pharmacy consulting firm, pharmacy consulting firm
Carol Carlson
CEO - Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN)
HIPAATrack is so innovative that it will change the way Pharmacies handle HIPAA compliance. We liked it so much that we made it the exclusive program presented to NCPA members..​
Independent Pharmacy Consultants, independent pharmacy experts, independent pharmacy consulting firm, pharmacy consulting firm
William Popomaronis, R.Ph.
VP of Strategic Initiatives - NCPA
Need additional information about this program or any other Pharmacy Compliance and Credentialing services or products? Contact our compliance specialists today.  And remember, our specialists can help you even if you are already working with another compliance program.
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