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The Exclusive HIPAA Compliance Program Recommended By NCPA and The Federation Of Pharmacy Networks.

If the Industry Leaders Trust PRS As Their Exclusive HIPAA Compliance Program….Shouldn’t you?

Privacy Rule, Security Rule, Breach Notification Rule, HITECH, or the HIPAA Omnibus Rule – it does not matter; the PRS HIPAATrack Compliance Program is designed to make your Pharmacy Compliant with each of them.  The program contains the policies, procedures, forms, and training (based on the regulation and the policies and procedures) to ensure you have the tools to be compliant.  On top of that, you have access to our helpdesk and policy experts to answer any questions you may have

Does my Pharmacy Need to be compliant with HIPAA?

Yes!  Any pharmacy that transmits claims to PBMs in an electronic format needs to be compliant. In the very slim chance that does not describe your pharmacy, check with your State to determine if they consider HIPAA a Standard of Practice for all healthcare providers.  The Office of Civil Rights was authorized to conduct on-site compliance audits and has been doing so since 2013.  This auditing process changed from the reactive process (reacting to complaints) to a more proactive approach of auditing pharmacies (and other HIPAA covered entities).

What happens if I am not compliant?

Violating the HIPAA regulations can lead to civil monetary fines and criminal prison sentences.  The HIPAA Regulations have been in place since 2003, so the Office of Civil Rights is not considering excuses for not knowing what is required by HIPAA. Also, the total dollar amount and the number of fines have been steadily increasing over the past several years. For example, since 2016, there have been over $100 million in penalties (Resolution Agreements and Civil Money Penalties).

independent pharmacy HIPAA compliance program

PRS’ HIPAATrack provides the simplest, most cost-effective solution to your HIPAA Compliance needs on the market. As a result, more Pharmacy Owners trust PRS for HIPAA Compliance than all of our competitors combined; over 6000 independents and small chains.


HIPAATrack Includes the following features:

  • The online HIPAA Compliance Program
  • Up-To-Date Risk Analysis and Management Plan
  • Up-To-Date Disaster Recovery Program
  • Enhanced online Employee Training PLUS Tracking
  • Current Policies and Procedures to Meet the existing HIPAA Rules that will be updated as necessary if there are any updates as a result of the OCR’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to improve the Privacy Rule and Care Coordinations
  • Task Notification System via Email When:
    • New Tasks Need to Be Completed
    • There Have Been Updates to Policies and Forms
    • Employee Re-Training is Due
  • Monitoring of Important Tasks That Must Initially Be Completed
  • Industry Leading Customer Service


PRS is so confident that HIPAATrack is the best solution to maintaining pharmacy HIPAA compliance that we stand behind it 100% with this remarkable No Compliance Fine Guarantee: If you are ever fined while following the HIPAATrack Program, PRS will pay the fine!

 “NO compliance fines, we GUARANTEE IT, or we pay the fine!”

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Compliance Programs

HIPAATrack provides the simplest, most cost effective, total solution to comply with these changes.​
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Carol Carlson
CEO - Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN)
HIPAATrack is so innovative that it will change the way Pharmacies handle HIPAA compliance. We liked it so much that we made it the exclusive program presented to NCPA members..​
Independent Pharmacy Consultants, independent pharmacy experts, independent pharmacy consulting firm, pharmacy consulting firm
William Popomaronis, R.Ph.
VP of Strategic Initiatives - NCPA
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