Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy

A profound shift in the role of hospital pharmacy is under way.

Health systems are seeking new revenue streams and new means of building a more complete continuum of care. Owning outpatient retail pharmacies is one of the best ways to capture script volume, help ensure adherence to medication use, improve transition of care processes and reduce potential readmission rates.

A successful outpatient pharmacy strategy should ensure that patients leaving the hospital fill their scripts and understand how to take the medications.

Nationally, studies show an average of 20 percent of RX goes unfilled. Of those filled, only about 50 percent of patients take their medicines as prescribed. This can lead to readmissions and worse outcomes. A well run Transitions of Care program can substantially decrease the readmission rates and related “fines”. Research has shown that over half of medication errors occur during transitions in care.

Employee benefits, 340B, Emergency Department, and the medical center can also be a good source of revenue for an outpatient pharmacy.

Feasibility Study

Running an Outpatient Pharmacy as a business is crucial to success in today’s tough business world. We will help every step of the way, starting with our Outpatient Pharmacy Site Feasibility Analysis to see if an outpatient pharmacy makes financial sense.

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Turn-Key Outpatient Pharmacy Program

Since 1982 our experience in retail pharmacy operations has uniquely positioned us to help with every aspect of opening and operating an outpatient pharmacy. Missing the details can cost you thousands, but we have opened hundreds of new pharmacies all over the U.S. and, frankly, we know exactly how to do it down to the smallest of details. We have taken our years of knowledge and expertise to develop the services that will walk you through every step of opening an outpatient pharmacy with the PRS Turn-Key Outpatient Pharmacy Program. From the initial concept to set-up, through opening and management oversight, we have you covered!

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Hospital-Based Outpatient Pharmacy Impact

Hospital-Based Outpatient Pharmacies Are Extremely Important. Avoided readmission, for example, can save costs in amounts that reach six figures.

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