Grant Writing

PRS’s grant department pursues pharmacy grants for funding collaborative studies involving independent pharmacies that further refine health management protocols and prove the value of pharmacists as paid members of health care team. A major objective of these studies is to gather evidence to convince federal and state funded programs that, the solutions our team has developed for our pharmacy customers can save millions, if not billions, of dollars across their health benefits programs by managing the pharmacy component properly. Once fully operational, this area will provide grant administration, writing and acquisition of ACA and other funding opportunities for retail pharmacies.

Interested in participating in a study? Ask us if a study is planned or going on in your area. Looking for local funding opportunities to start a new project? We have an extensive list of resources to see what may be available for your location and area of interest.
We will assist with researching, preparing and submitting pharmacy grant applications in support of a client’s needs and priorities. We assist with strategies in planning and implementing a successful pharmacy grant and help with the following:

  • Write, review, and edit proposals and letters of intent for foundation, corporate and government grant sources following funding guidelines, parameters and procedures.
  • Research potential funding sources through a variety of printed and electronic sources to match funding focus with client’s project.
  • Research and compile pertinent information for the grant application and meet with or contact client and various other organizations that may be involved
  • Develop case statements, letters of intent, and other related materials. Keep project moving in a timely manner meeting deadlines and managing the required supplemental data/material.
  • Prepare stewardship and compliance reports and monitor tracking system to ensure reporting requirements for the grant are met.
  • Monitor tracking reports of submitted grant applications
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