Pharmacy Staffing (Pennsylvania Only)

Since 1982 PRS Pharmacy Staffing Services has been partnering with clients, like you, to meet their pharmacy staffing needs with the right person for their organization.

All of PRS’s pharmacists are processed meticulously through extensive background checks and in-depth approval process including:

  • Criminal, employment and professional checks
  • Licensure verifications
  • Malpractice (Liability) insurance
  • 10 panel drug screenings
  • Trainings including, HIPAA, Fraud, Waste and Abuse, Pseudoephedrine, OSHA and inflectional control
  • Skills Assessment

Our pharmacists are updated on new standards, regulations, and drug products via the on-line PRS Pharmacist Education Resource Center.

Professional profiles are maintained for each PRS pharmacist. Profiles include, but are not limited to, work experience, skill level and licensure documentation. This information is available to you, prior to a PRS Pharmacy Staffing Services’ employee coming into your organization.

At PRS, it is our commitment to meet your needs while maintaining the high standards that our clients have come to expect and enjoy. So whether you have an up-coming vacation, medical leave, or just need supplemental staff for your pharmacy…you will be amazed at what our Pharmacy Staffing Services team can do for you.

Security through the fact that PRS’s general liability and malpractice insurance policies extend to your organization.

Assurance through understanding that PRS is the premier pharmacy staffing service.

Confidence that all pharmacists performing any service are employees of PRS and, thus, you are protected from wage tax liabilities, penalties, and worker’s compensation claims.

Knowledge that PRS stands behind and is fully responsible for the personal performance, conduct and actions of its pharmacist employees.

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