pharmcist-with-customerFrom small retail locations, to large chains or hospitals, every pharmacy faces the challenges of finding qualified pharmacists. Whether you need a director, manager, or staff pharmacist, getting the right person for your organization can be a time consuming process that commands a great deal of resources. Wouldn’t you rather commit those resources toward serving customers and building your business? With the pharmacist placement on-demand services from PRS, you finally can. Our on-demand services will alleviate your burden of searching for new employees, and put the challenge squarely in the hands of our expert pharmacist placement team.

We will customize our process to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our pharmacist placement on-demand services include a salary survey of your specific market, a pool of pre-qualified candidates, personal contact with over 100 pharmacists on your behalf, pre-screening interviews and a background check of your chosen candidate. The result is the placement of a pharmacist who will deliver exceptional performance to your organization for years to come. Why wade through dozens of unqualified candidates when you can let our extensive network, specialization, and experience streamline the process for you? Don’t drain your resources. Let the PRS pharmacist placement on-demand services do the legwork for you. You will be glad you did.

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