We Know You're Busy

As an Independent Pharmacy owner, time and money are valuable assets. PRS can save you time and help you to make more money by providing valuable services that put the “other guys” to shame.

RX Check-Up

Are you 100% positive that you’re making the most money from your pharmacy? If there’s even a SHADOW of doubt,you need to seriously consider our RX Check-Up. This comprehensive service will give you the deep-dive investigative evaluation you need to ensure you’re as efficient and profitable as you should be. One call to our experts and you’ll wonder why you haven’t called years ago. Seriously.

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Feasibility Study

Looking to open another pharmacy location in addition to your current location(s)? Our Feasibility Study will give you everything you need to make an incredibly informed decision based on our proprietary software and research results, giving you the “big picture” you need.

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Buy a Pharmacy

Want to add an already existing pharmacy to your current pharmacy portfolio? We’ll find you the seller you need in an area that interests you. Buy with confidence using our all-inclusive brokerage services.

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Sell My Pharmacy

Is the time right? Are you looking to sell your store? PRS deals ONLY with Independent Pharmacies, so you can rest assured our Buyers will not be a large chain. Our Buyers want to continue to serve the community just as you have done for all of these years. Let us make the time right now.

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Transfer Consulting

Simple mistakes can cost a new pharmacy owner thousands of dollars in an instant, but PRS’s transfer consulting will cross every t and dot every i, making your transition to ownership as smooth as possible. You can’t afford to use anyone but the best, let our team show you the way.

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