Open a Startup Pharmacy

Many pharmacists have the ultimate goal of opening a pharmacy, but the thought of going through the process can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What needs to be done?

Missing the details can cost you thousands or worse. This is where PRS can help. We have opened hundreds of new pharmacies all over the U.S. and, frankly, we know exactly how to do it down to the smallest of details. We have taken our years of knowledge and expertise to develop the services that will walk you through every step of opening a pharmacy. Running a Pharmacy as a business is crucial to success in today’s tough business world. We’ll help every step of the way:

Feasibility Study

The first thing you need to know is if opening a pharmacy at a specific location is financially wise? We can help!

More Feasibility Study Info

Turnkey Pharmacy Ownership Program

You could leave town for six months and come back to a fully functioning pharmacy!

With this Turnkey Pharmacy Ownership Program, PRS staff perform and cover virtually every aspect of opening a pharmacy and maintaining it, from the initial concept, to set-up, through opening, on-going marketing and management oversight. We are with you every step on your way to ownership and do most of the work for you and we don’t stop at opening. Access to advice from our experienced advisors is available for an entire year as part of the program. Each service area may be purchased separately to design a custom program to meet your needs. Here is some, but not all, of what’s included:

  • Fulfillment of State and Federal Requirements
  • Personnel Activation
  • Third Party Insurance
  • Pharmacy Layout and Design
  • HBC Enhancements
  • Professional, Operational, and Fiscal Standards
  • Inventory Control Program
  • Marketing Program
  • Compliance and Regulatory Programs
  • DMEPOS Accreditation
  • Pharmacy Monitoring Program
  • Financing, Accounting and Legal
  • Prescription Pricing Program

The PRS Online Ownership Program

We guide you through the maze of decisions and paperwork to reach the grand opening of your own pharmacy!

This online product offers the same expert guidance as the Turnkey Program, but you do the hands on work. This web-based program gives step-by-step, detailed instructions for opening a pharmacy as a business and maintaining it. This comes with an entire year of phone and email access to our expert advisors anytime issues arise. Each service area can be purchased separately to design a custom program to meet your needs.

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