Are you 100% sure you’re as profitable as you could be? Not sure if you’re getting the most from your Pharmacy operation? Things not running as smoothly as you’d like? Does something feel not quite right?

Consider having an RX Check-Up; our Pharmacy operational performance evaluation service. We’ve been in the Pharmacy consulting business over 35 years – we know how to diagnose and fix any issue negatively impacting the performance and profitability of your Pharmacy.

Let our pharmacy consulting experts give your Pharmacy business the RX Check-Up™ . This service is a “bumper-to-bumper” inspection of your entire pharmacy operation. We utilize proprietary processes such as our exclusive evaluation workbook, which allows you to give us the information needed to take as deep of a dive into your business as you’d like. Our pharmacy consultants also use the time-tested method of best practices to compare your operation to industry standards. We look at facilities, employees, technology, workflow, inventory, wages, employee utilization, layout and design, computer software, inventory control, marketing, regulatory compliance, general operations and much, much more.

Each area evaluated is addressed in a written Pharmacy performance evaluation report detailing our consultants’ findings, however, we do much more than just tell you what the problems are. The PRS Pharmacy performance evaluation provides written recommendations laying out suggested changes you can make that will correct the problems and describe the benefits those changes will have on the Pharmacy, both financially and operationally. Let our pharmacy consultants show you what you’ve been missing.

Comprehensive On-Site Check-Up

The following are key areas of operating a pharmacy that are reviewed:

  • Store Operations and Trade Area Analysis
  • Pharmacy Location, Hours and Competition
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Computer System
  • Personnel Utilization & Cost Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Third Party Analysis
  • Prescription Revenue Analysis
  • Inventory and OTC Management
  • Marketing and Promotional
  • Additional Services – Vaccines, pharmacogenetic testing, long-term care, etc.

*Multi-Store Pricing Available

Our RX Check-Up “Pays For Itself.” Seriously. Waiting Is Costing You Money!

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Custom Check-Up

Convinced you don’t need us to fully evaluate every aspect of your business from top to bottom to save you the most money? Our pharmacy consultants can customize your RX Check-Up, no matter your needs or size of operation. We have you covered.

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