Pharmacy Valuation

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Pharmacy Valuations are important whether you are selling your Pharmacy or looking to buy a Pharmacy.

Do you know what your Pharmacy is worth?

Our Pharmacy Valuation Service will give you exactly what you need: a REAL number both you and a potential buyer can actually use.

Most banks won’t even consider helping a prospective buyer with financing until they have a Pharmacy Valuation document in hand.  You need to prove your store’s actual value. 

Do you know how to determine the fair market price of your Pharmacy?

Our formulas examine several perspectives such as profitability, total revenue, inventory and both tangible and intangible assets. Fair Market Price will almost always be higher than what a chain will offer you for your store.  Call us before you decide to sell to a chain so you know the true value of your store.


When should I have a Valuation of my Pharmacy done?  Ideally, you should have a Pharmacy Valuation done several years prior to selling.

A Pharmacy Valuation from PRS will combine all of the Pharmacy’s financial data with our proprietary processes and industry-specific algorithms to provide an accurate valuation range.  You can use our comprehensive valuation report to jump-start the selling process.

Looking to buy out a partner (transfer a Pharmacy)?   A Pharmacy Valuation ensures transparency and accuracy.

Need more information about transferring a Pharmacy?  We can help!  Just click the button below to get more information about transfers and get access to a form you can fill out to have one of our Pharmacy Transfer Specialists contact you.


5 Quick Pharmacy Valuation Facts:

  1. Selling isn’t the only reason to have a Pharmacy Valuation.
  2. A Valuation should be done as early as possible to allow time to make adjustments in your business operations and increase your Pharmacy’s overall profitability.
  3. A professional Pharmacy Valuation will calculate the fair market value of your Pharmacy which will establish an accurate benchmark for selling and loan approval.
  4. If you are transferring ownership of your Pharmacy you should have a valuation as this will ensure transparency and accuracy.
  5. It is important to have your Pharmacy Valuation done by a professional that specializes in Pharmacy Valuations.

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PRS is the gold standard in the Independent Pharmacy industry.  We have been helping owners for over 38 years! Plus, PRS is the only Pharmacy broker endorsed by NCPA and your confidentiality is always a top priority!

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