Pharmacy Compliance regulations are all around us. And, just when you’re sure you’ve addressed every requirement and best practice suggestion in your pharmacy operations, some government entity or state pharmacy board changes the rules a little bit.

It can be overwhelming, but myself and my Director of Compliance wrote an article for the October 2014 America’s Pharmacist that summarizes the latest changes and the most important issues with pharmacy compliance. NCPA members can click here to visit the archives and read “Compliance: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare.” These are the topics they highlighted:

HIPAA: “What will HIPAA auditors be looking for in your pharmacy?”

FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE: “It is important to understand what the Medicare Part C and D plans will be looking for, in addition to appropriate claims data.”

MEDICARE PARTS C & D STAR RATING: Because Medicare is rating the quality and performance of prescription drug plans, those plans are “evaluating individual pharmacies in their networks based on the…criteria that Medicare uses.”

HAZARD COMMUNICATION STANDARD (OSHA): “Basically, employees have the right to know and understand the hazardous chemicals that are maintained and/or used in a workplace.”

MEDICARE PART B and RELATED AUDITS: “A common misunderstanding among pharmacy owners is that, if they filed and received an exemption from the DMEPOS accreditation…requirement, they are also exempt from the Medicare Part B compliance requirements. Not true.”

COMBAT METHAMPHETAMINE ACT OF 2005: “This regulation…outlines the requirement to track the sale of pseudoephedrine and related chemicals…”

QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) or CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT (CQI) PROGRAMS: “As QA program requirements will vary from state to state, you must assure your meets the requirements of all your payers, the federal government, and the state.”

Stay tuned! In future blogs, I will be breaking down and giving more detail on each of the topics above.

For more information about the specific changes and pharmacy compliance solutions for your pharmacy, call PRS at 1-800-338-3688 and speak with one of the Specialists. Please visit the Blog for additional posts on compliance issues and what you need to know as a pharmacy owner.