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Compliance/Credentialing designed by Pharmacists for Pharmacy Owners

Pharmacies must comply with a growing number of regulations from various state and federal agencies. The frequency of audits and the fine amounts for non-compliance are increasing. COMPLIANCETrack helps relieve the stress caused by setting up policies, procedures and training programs to comply with current regulations plus keeping track of any new legally required changes.

I had two major insurance audits, and both auditors asked me about my compliance programs.  When I told them, “We are with PRS”, both auditors said, “Oh, then you are OK”.   Neither needed to check my P&P’s since they had seen PRS’s programs before at other Pharmacies and they knew we were compliant.  Very cool!
Pharmacy Owner - Milwaukee, WI

COMPLIANCETrack is the Pharmacy industry’s ONLY complete Pharmacy Compliance/Credentialing suite, easily accessed online and always up to date.

Our COMPLIANCETrack platform provides:

  • Policies and Procedures required for Pharmacy Compliance/Credentialing
  • Online employee training and tracking
  • Populate employee information easily into all programs
  • Identical program formatting for an easy learning curve
  • An easy to follow step-by-step action plan to implement the program
  • Automatic updates as laws change
  • Industry-leading customer service with a dedicated team of Pharmacy Compliance Specialists as your primary contacts

ComplianceTrack is designed to make compliance/credentialing, risk management and government audits easier, less costly, and much more efficient.

I use PRS’s programs for all my Pharmacy Compliance and I love it.  Very user friendly and I definitely need that.
Pharmacy Compliance Customer - Denver, CO

COMPLIANCETrack gives you the peace of mind you need as a busy Pharmacy owner.

Thousands of Pharmacies across the U.S. rely on PRS for their total Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance/Credentialing coverage. With the help of our award-winning PRS Pharmacy Compliance support team, you’ll have 100% compliance coverage, GUARANTEED!

We are so confident in COMPLIANCETrack that our 100% guarantee is simple: If you are fined while utilizing our COMPLIANCETrack Suite, we will pay the fines. No fine print or restrictions!

Do you have multiple Pharmacy locations? No problem! Purchase additional suites for each location as needed with the option of having one easy-to-manage account.

We just had our first Catamaran Compliance audit this week, and your programs were a life saver.  Not sure how we would have been able to generate the documentation (and training) without a program like yours.  It was nice to be able to respond to each question by flipping to the page in the notebook I created and handing over the policy/procedure. The most painless audit we may have ever had.
Pharmacy Owner - New Jersey

COMPLIANCETrack is completely customizable.

Two comprehensive bundles are available (Essentials Suite and Deluxe Suite).  The products in each bundle are also available for individual sale. You may review individual product descriptions, which contain further details by clicking on the product icon/name.  If you have questions about which package would be best for you or you need additional details on specific products Contact Us Today.




Essentials Suite

Deluxe Suite


YYThe government maintains lists of persons excluded from federally funded programs. If an employee, or other individual or entity working on behalf of the Pharmacy, is on one of these exclusion lists, federally funded third parties and State Medicaid can take back all amounts paid to which those individuals and entities were involved.
YYGovernment and Medicare Part D Plans require all Pharmacies to be compliant with the Fraud, Waste and Abuse and Compliance Program Requirements. Loss of Rx filling privileges and fines can result in non-compliance.
YYGovernment and third party mandated requirement. Government fines up to $1.5 million apply for non-compliance.
YYCentralizes tracking and provides renewal reminders for any items with an expiration date.
YYGovernment mandated to combat methamphetamine production. Fines and jail time applicable for non-compliance.
NYFDA mandated as of March 1, 2016. All Pharmacies must receive and store the Transaction History, Information, and Statements for all drugs received for a period of at least 6 years.
NYSome business insurances and overall best practices require an Employee Handbook.
NYSection 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act outlines requirements to ensure equality and access with healthcare services, including Pharmacy.
NYThe OSHA Hazard Communication Standard requires all employees to be trained on the new label and safety data sheet requirements on hazardous chemicals that may be present in a Pharmacy.
NYCollection of state and federal good business practices to help your Pharmacy operation run more smoothly. An Ops Manual is required by some State Boards and third parties.
NYAll Medicare Part D plans, many third-parties and most State Boards require Pharmacies to have a quality assurance (QA) program.
NYA policy and procedure, and Utilization Manual to document appropriate Pharmacist to Technician ratios, minimum qualifications, protocols, and other key information.
NYThe U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires all employers to retain a completed I-9 form for each employee. This program gives you the rules and the tools for collecting, documenting, destroying (when appropriate), and auditing these I-9 forms.
$20/Month Add OnDesigned to walk you through the process of setting up an efficient, effective and safe immunization program in your Pharmacy.
$22/Month Add OnPharmacies who are exempting from the Medicare DMEPOS Accreditation requirements and those Pharmacies that are only billing Medicare Part B for Drugs and Biologicals.
$149 AnnualAn Exposure Control Plan is required by all Pharmacies that are potentially exposing their employees to blood borne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Immunizations, CLIA Waived testing and the renting and return of used Durable Medical Equipment are just some of the areas where an Exposure Control Plan could be required.
$299 AnnualPoint of Care Testing (POCT) implementation program will provide the necessary instructions to ensure that you have everything needed to begin offering Point of Care Testing (POCT).
USP800Track$330 Annual
$30/Month Add On
Exposure to Hazardous Drugs should be a real and present concern in many Pharmacies therefore, and it is critical for those Pharmacies required to have a USP 800 Compliance Program to promote patient, employee and environmental safety.


What Our Compliance Clients Are Saying

I recently had a Catarman audit. The auditor asked for the misfill information and saw the PRS program. The auditor mentioned how good the PRS program is, how updates were prompted and everything was kept current (they had seen it in many other locations). I showed the auditor the misfill procedures and the audit was over in ten minutes.
Compliance Officer - Riverview, FL
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