International Pharmacy Services

International pharmacy services

PRS International Pharmacy Services brings “American” products, pharmacy standards and practices to the rest of the world.

Some of the areas we specialize in with regard to International Pharmacy include:

Overseas Pharmacy Services

We are experts in efficient pharmacy operations and high quality patient care. We have decades of experience in managing pharmacies and providing consulting services to the U.S. pharmacy industry. We are currently working with pharmacy professionals in emerging markets to adapt the best practices of American Pharmacies to their overseas pharmacy operations. Our model seeks to bring American standards of professional pharmaceutical care and health management to the rest of the world.

Bringing American Pharmacy Expertise to Overseas Markets

We offer pharmacy best practices, services and standards used in the United States to help improve the pharmacy systems and patient care for clients outside of the U.S.. Our expertise in opening and operating successful pharmacies in the U.S. is attractive to those looking for a competitive edge in their home countries. Whether you want to incorporate American-style operations in your current pharmacy, or you are looking to open a new overseas pharmacy operation or chain, we can help.

Also, most of the Turnkey Pharmacy Services we provide in the U.S. are available to our overseas clients.

In trying to keep our supermarket image very “western” to attract both locals and tourists we kept up with trends in the U.S. One of those we wished to explore was adding a pharmacy, but we had zero experience in the area. Then I heard PRS speak at a FMI conference about supermarket pharmacies and set up a meeting with them. After several discussions, we decided to go with their complete Turn-Key Pharmacy Ownership Program. They literally did everything; layout, design prints, licensing, recruiting pharmacists from the U.S., setting up international supply chains, computer system, specialty equipment, pricing and more. They had staff on and off the island for several months working the details. They then taught our staff and the new pharmacists what they needed to know to run and market a successful pharmacy. These guys know their stuff.
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Charles K.
Pharmacy Owner - George Town, Cayman Islands

Exporting FDA Approved Drugs

One of the major problems for pharmacies worldwide is adulterated or counterfeit drugs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) devotes tremendous resources to inspecting production facilities at home and abroad to ensure that the drugs and nutritional supplements sold in the U.S. are safe and effective. Exporting FDA approved drugs and products that are currently available in the U.S. from U.S. Distributors or Manufacturers is one of the specialties of our International Pharmacy Services division.

We work directly with pharmacy distributors and suppliers in each country to make our products available to their customers. If you are a distributor, supplier or pharmacy chain looking to stand out from the competition by providing FDA approved drugs shipped directly from the U.S., we can help.

And our Drug Registration and Export Compliance Department works directly with distributors to assist in the process of registering new drugs in a country when necessary. We coordinate the drug registration, labeling, pedigree and export logistics process and paperwork from our suppliers to the distributor’s delivery destination. In other words…we handle everything.

There was a big problem with counterfeit drugs entering our country’s (Republic of Georgia) supply chain. Our wholesale distribution business in Tbilisi wanted a trusted supplier for FDA approved drugs for our wholesale customers and company owned pharmacies. They sourced the drugs, worked with U.S. suppliers and helped us to get the information and assisted in preparing the paperwork necessary to register the drugs with Georgian authorities for import. Then PRS designed an ordering site that followed FDA pedigree rules and arranged all exporting details for us. We now have over 70 drugs registered for import and our customers have shown their approval since many are now among our top sellers. We plan on expanding into OTC and vitamins next and PRS has been helping to modernize our locations.
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International Services Customer - Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Are you are a generic drug or healthcare product manufacturer looking for new markets outside of the U.S.?

We can offer your products to our overseas customers. We will make your products attractive to foreign clients by handling the drug registration, other paperwork and exporting details.  Our proprietary ordering site has the required pedigree tracking built in, with processes our overseas distributors must follow so we always know where your products are located.  We have thousands of U.S. Pharmacy clients and access to thousands more.

Think you have a product that U.S. Pharmacies might be interested in selling?

Contact us to find out how we can help you access this market.

Need something different? Give us a call. We have access to thousands of drugs and medical products.

We export products from the U.S. in the following categories:

  • Generic drugs
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Injectable drugs
  • Vitamins
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Medical supplies and equipment

What Other International Pharmacy Services Clients Are Saying

We wanted to modernize (Americanize) our pharmacy chain so I had our contacts in the United States search out possible options. After they met with PRS we knew the search was over. PRS came here to meet with my top staff, visited store locations and devised an action plan for us. We have implemented their suggestions with great success and I could not be happier with the results.
Independent Pharmacy Consultants, independent pharmacy experts, independent pharmacy consulting firm, pharmacy consulting firm
Dr. Fong
Pharmacy Owner - Tapei, Taiwan
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