Pharmacy Operational Evaluations

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Book a Pharmacy Check-Up With an Independent Retail Pharmacy Consultant Today.

Do you worry about your pharmacy’s profitability? Are you concerned that you’re not making as much money as you could be?

We understand.

As expert Independent Pharmacy Consultants, we know just how challenging it can be to streamline your operations and run a profitable pharmacy, all while maintaining the highest possible standards of customer service. That’s why we created Rx Check-Up, our Pharmacy Operational Performance Evaluation Service.  

With over 40 years’ experience in Independent Pharmacy Consulting, including valuing pharmacies and providing compliance, our experts at PRS can diagnose and help you fix issues negatively impacting the performance and profitability of your pharmacy! 

Think of an Rx Check-Up™ as a complete “bumper-to-bumper” inspection of your pharmacy operations. Using our expert knowledge and decades of experience, our Pharmacy Consultants utilize accepted best practices and proprietary information to compare your Pharmacy Operation to the highest standards in the industry. 

During an Rx Check-Up™, we will: 

  • evaluate everything, from your facility, pricing strategy and third parties to your regulatory compliance, workflow and employees, based on our Pharmacy Compliance and Operational Consulting expertise
  • provide you with a Comprehensive Report, detailing the problems we believe are impeding your pharmacy’s success
  • lay out the changes you should make to improve your pharmacy’s profitability
  • explain how those changes will benefit your pharmacy financially

Our Pharmacy Profitability Assessment is completely customizable to your needs. During your pharmacy’s Operational Evaluation, we highlight the problems you’re experiencing within your pharmacy’s operations, and  clearly explain the changes we recommend you implement to solve these issues. 

Put simply, our comprehensive Rx Check-Up™ is the most affordable, thorough and comprehensive service of its kind in the industry!

The PRS Comprehensive Rx Check-Up™

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During an Rx Check-Up™, we review the following core areas:

  • Store Operations and Trade Area Analysis: helping you understand where your customers come from 
  • Pharmacy Location, Hours, Competition: assessing your service availability compared to competitors
  • Facilities and Maintenance: considering the overall layout of your facility.
  • Computer System: evaluating your workflow and systems to see if there is a need for improvement or reorganization.
  • Personnel Utilization: assessing your workforce efficiency and budget
  • Pricing Strategy: proposing where you could save money or additional areas of opportunity  
  • Third Party Analysis: assessing your vendor relationships
  • Prescription Revenue Analysis: evaluating where you’re losing money
  • Inventory and OTC Management: suggesting inventory management improvements
  • Marketing: assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing plan
  • Additional Revenue-Generating Services: evaluating your strategy for further income generation e.g., providing vaccines, DMEPOS Accreditation.

Our team are experts in Pharmacy Compliance and Operational Consulting and improving Pharmacy Profitability. We’re committed to helping you build a sustainable, profitable Independent Pharmacy that delivers the highest quality patient care at all times. 

Book a consultation today with our expert team, and watch your Rx Check-Up™ pay for itself! 

Multi-store pricing is available – call us at 800-338-3688 and ask for details!


Well, you are in the right place.  PRS’s Rx Check-Up will look at your entire pharmacy operation to identify profitability issues and provide recommendations to help your entire pharmacy run more efficiently.  We look at everything from P&L statements, personnel utilization, vendor agreements, payer reimbursements, inventory control and more.  Contact us today.  Waiting is costing you money.

PRS can do a bumper to bumper check-up of your current pharmacy operations to determine if your pharmacy is running as profitably and efficiently as possible.  Our Rx Check-Up product is exactly what you need.

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