Pharmacy Operational Evaluations

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Let Our Pharmacy Consulting Experts Give Your Pharmacy A Comprehensive Evaluation.

Are you 100% sure your Pharmacy is as profitable as it could be?  Not sure if you’re getting the most from your Pharmacy operation? Are things not running as smoothly in your Pharmacy as you would like? Consider having an RX Check-Up™; our Pharmacy Operational Performance Evaluation Service. PRS has been in the Pharmacy Consulting Industry for over 36 years…we can diagnose and help you fix any issue negatively impacting the performance and profitability of your Pharmacy! RX Check-Up™  is a “bumper-to-bumper” complete inspection of your entire Pharmacy Operation, and RX Check-Up™ is completely customizable. When doing an RX Check-Up™, our expert Pharmacy Consultants utilize best practices and proprietary information to compare your Pharmacy Operation to the best standards in the industry. An RX Check-Up™  will evaluate your facility, employees, technology, workflow, inventory, wages, employee utilization, layout and design, computer software, inventory control, marketing, regulatory compliance, general operations and much more. Our experts provide you with a Comprehensive Report detailing where your Pharmacy needs help and guiding you on the best way to implement those needed changes. The PRS Pharmacy performance evaluation gives written recommendations laying out suggested changes that you can make immediately. In this report, we point out problems that we see with your operations that are impeding your Pharmacy’s success and also describe the changes that need to be implemented in order to correct these problems. The report also describes the benefits those changes will have on the Pharmacy, both financially and operationally. RX Check-Up™ is the most comprehensive service of its kind in the industry!

Comprehensive On-Site Pharmacy Business Check-Up

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The following are key areas of operating a Pharmacy that are reviewed during an RX Check-Up™:

    • Store Operations and Trade Area Analysis
    • Pharmacy Location, Hours and Competition
    • Facilities and Maintenance
    • Computer System
    • Personnel Utilization & Cost Analysis
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Third Party Analysis
    • Prescription Revenue Analysis
    • Inventory and OTC Management
    • Marketing and Promotional
    • Additional Revenue Generating Services – Vaccines, Pharmacogenetic Testing, DMEPOS, etc.

Multi-Store Pricing Is Available…Ask For Details!

Our RX Check-Up™ Pays For Itself. Waiting Could Be Costing You Money!


Well, you are in the right place.  PRS’s RX Check-Up will look at your entire Pharmacy operation to identify profitability issues and provide recommendations to help your entire Pharmacy run more efficiently.  We look at everything from P&L statements, personnel utilization, vendor agreements, payer reimbursements, inventory control and more.  Contact us today.  Waiting is costing you money.

PRS can do a bumper to bumper check-up of your current Pharmacy operations to determine if your Pharmacy is running as profitably and efficiently as possible.  Our Rx Check-Up product is exactly what you need.

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