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USP 800 Compliance Program

Are you required to be compliant with USP <800> Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings? It is not just for Compounding Pharmacies. The following entities may require your Pharmacy to be in compliance with USP <800>:

  • State Boards of Pharmacy
  • State Labor Departments
  • Business and Liability Insurances
  • Accreditation Organizations
  • Payer
  • Other Contracting Entities

Exposure to Hazardous Drugs is a real and present concern in most Pharmacies. Therefore, it is critical for independent Pharmacies which are required to have a USP <800> Compliance Program to promote patient, employee, and environmental safety by enacting a compliance program under the USP <800> guidelines.

The comprehensive USP800Track Program from PRS includes the following:

  • Customizable Policies and Forms:
    • Personnel Designations
    • Hazardous Drug Inventory
    • Assessment of Risk
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Engineering Controls
    • Spills and Cleanup
    • Hazard Communications
    • Reproductive Acknowledgements
    • Medical Surveillance
    • And Many More
  • Online Documentation of Your Hazardous Drug Inventory
  • Online Trackable Training For Your Employees



Quick Fact: The main difference between USP 797 and USP 800…The purpose of USP 797 is a general protection of sterile compounds and spaces from contamination. USP 800 expands controls for the protection of workers and environments against hazardous drug compounds. In contrast to USP 797, which only remedies sterile compounding activities, USP 800 takes a 360-degree approach for processing hazardous drugs.

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